*Awkward Hello*

I sat here for like twenty minutes trying to come up with a way to begin my first post. During that twenty minutes I didn’t come up with shit about fuck, so…


I don’t know why I’m keeping this blog.  Maybe because I have no reason not to. What I’d really like to do is smoke a joint and walk around without pants, but apparently that’s not constructive. I guess I just have all of this time, and all of these thoughts, and it’s probably time to find a more productive outlet than arson. I’m not saying my thoughts are full of substance or anything- they’re pretty useless. If you like to discuss useless shit all day, this is probably the place for you. Maybe we could be friends. Maybe I’ll sew you a fuzzy chapeau. The possibilities here are really endless.

I struggle with bipolar mania, and I’m told that keeping a blog is therapeutic. I guess we’ll see. Regardless, I like to talk about myself, so here we are. I don’t know that anyone will ever read this, but if you do, and if you feel like getting to know me, here is a list of my favourite things to get you acquainted:

-The sample ladies at Costco

– Dogs

– Michael Jackson

-Bubble Wrap






3 thoughts on “*Awkward Hello*

  1. If you were my mom, I’d be happy she was finally fucking owning up to her bipolar. Since you’re not — welcome to the club. I hope it provides some succor. Or at least, a place to make words do weird things in ways that only make sense to you. 😀

  2. But people did read your blog! And you kept at it. Now you have many followers who support you. I really hope you continue for as long as possible. I have enjoyed each post so far. I’m going to try my best to read every single post from beginning to present and offer positive feedback whenever I can. Not because I have to or because it is my job. But because I honestly enjoy reading about your story. You do matter in the grander scheme of things and I look forward to what kind of work we can do together as fellow mental health advocates. Take care, Mrs Lipshits!!

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