Karlee Attempts to Get a Life

I’m just going to put it out there: I find it very difficult to make friends. The kind that last, I mean. I like to think that I’m a pretty easy gal to get along with, but when it comes down to it there’s just something missing. I’ve always been told that if you do what you love, friendship will follow. I’m pretty sure that they were really saying “Karlee, you need a fucking hobby.” And that’s fair enough, except that I have NO IDEA what it is that I love to do besides nothing and eating food and more nothing. Living in my imagination is so much better than real life; I can’t be disappointed there.


I think disappointment is a key emotion, and it’s necessary to feel it sometimes. So here I am, looking for something to be disappointed by. I’ve been thinking and have come up with some ideas:

Being a Hippie- Pros: -Pretty decent at Frisbee

– Sense of Freedom

-Sweet Van


Cons: – Head to toe hemp

– Facial hair would run wild without maintenance

– Generally dirty

– Joni Mitchell

Pottery Class- Pros: – Playing with squishy stuff

                                       – I think that’s it, actually.

                             Cons: – Urge to smash everything that I create

                                         – Urge to smash everything that everyone else creates

Martial Arts: Pros: – Discipline

                                            – Being able to drop-kick thugs

                                            – Improvement of terrible motor skills

                                            – Being in muthafuckin’ Bruce Lee shape

                                                  Cons: – Probably can’t take a hit without crying

– Discipline

– Swoobs

For real though, dudes. What do you guys do for fun? Why do you enjoy it? Are there snacks? Help me out. I need to do more with my life than fucking around on the black hole that is the worldwide web.

4 thoughts on “Karlee Attempts to Get a Life

  1. I crochet, and knit, and try to write things that aren’t blogs. I make vague attempts at art (hard to be good at art if you can’t focus for very long, ha ha). But mainly it’s video games and reading. Lots of video games. What can I say, other than it got in my blood in the 80s and hasn’t yet let go.

      • Mainly computer games these days myself. I had to give my NES away before I immigrated, ’cause it won’t work here (something about display ratios and watts and crap if I remember it all). But I do have classic game machine emulators, a handful of Game Boys still for when the mood strikes. 🙂

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