Invest in Happiness

This week has been a non-stop thrill ride. Or a Bruce Springsteen song. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the most beautiful parts of my country and I am so grateful for the opportunity. It’s been a truly stellar experience, so much so that it almost feels as if I’ve sprouted wings. This week marks the first time in 2 years that I’ve felt peace within my mind.

There’s something about the road that makes me feel like a gypsy floating on a prairie wind. I’ve spent so much of this trip stopping to take in the sights and the serenity of nature. I think the most interesting part about it was that the most rugged of scenery was also the most breathtaking. I often feel the same way about people. Do you ever just sit and watch people as they go about, bustling through their day, taking no notice of your presence? I think it’s one of my favourite pastimes. Actually, the only time I bother with sunglasses is to see without being seen. It’s not malicious or judgemental; I just think that people are so much more beautiful in their natural form. I’ve seen a lot of people this week, people of all walks of life. I’ve seen friendly hitchhikers, homeless women with tired eyes, ambitious athletes, joyous street dancers and everyone in between. It’s weird, but I feel like I’ll miss them. They probably didn’t see me, but I was able to see pieces of myself in them.

My soul is on the loose, running wild and dizzy with freedom. So are my eyebrows. We’re on the home stretch now, and though I’m sad to think that the journey is coming to a close, I’m going home with a new lease on life and I know that I’ll bask in the afterglow for months to come.


How was your week, friends? Fill me in here, on Twitter, or Facebook. You’ll find the links in my bio. You can also follow me on Instagram @karleegorrie to see some pictures from the trip!

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